Tech Learning

Deep Learning

This technology can make real-time predictions. It only needs to consider each of theinformation patterns registered in the user's profile, and it will immediately begin toidentify the best opportunities to buy and sell, with minimal risk.

Machine Learning

This development optimally manages the data collected, stored and analyzed by deeplearning. This means that it learns to recognize incorrect patterns, which can lead toerrors in future operations.

Deep Learning makes it smart; Machine Learning makes it accurate.

Stop Loss

In the event of any trading error or problem, the Stop Loss, a safety mechanism thatallows selling assets with the lowest possible margin of loss, is instantly activated.


iBot recognizes and records variations in the inflows and outflows of transactions. This meansthat whenever the value of a possible sale increases, the value of the purchase will alsoincrease. A feature that translates into higher returns and lower loss margins.

Trade safely and win with iBot

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